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Ukrainian Association of Producers Autoclave Concrete (UAPAC)



Ukrainian Association of Producers Autoclave Concrete


UAPAC is a collaborative effort of Ukrainian Autoclaved Aerated Concrete productors with an interest to build a strong and knowledgeable community


Vision & mission

To promote AAC industry's growth, protect consumer interests and establish contacts with similar bodies abroad for exchange of knowledge, information and data.



  • To create a sustainable environment for AAC Block Industry.
  • To educate the market regarding benefits of AAC block by conducting annual events, seminars for all the architects, structural engineers and builders.
  • To educate people regarding the contribution of AAC industry in a sustainable green environment.
  • To work together for technological advancements in AAC block industry.
  • To identify newer usage and application of AAC Blocks.
  • To improve the quality of AAC blocks and find a substitute to a much cheaper raw materials.